• Does Lunapay registered with Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)?

    In terms of security & privacy, we are glad to inform you that Lunapay are operating under a Payment Service Agent(PSA) agreement with our local bank and have been registered with Payment Network Malaysia (PayNet).

  • What does it mean to be PCI compliant?

    PCI compliance is mandatory for all payment service providers around the world that accepts credit or debit card payments on their website. This is because every information entered by customers is private and sensitive data, so it must be well-protected in secured environment.

  • How does fraud prevention work?

    We ensure fraud prevention so that payments can be made with safety and convenience. Every transaction that go through LunaPay will be filtered and checked by our in house Fraud Monitoring team.

  • Do you provide a risk management system?

    Yes, we have our internal risk management team that will check for every transaction that have been made via our payment system.

  • Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)?

    The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) establishes a data protection law that governs data collection, use and disclosure of personal data. Our PDPA notice is made available online. You can visit here for details.

  • Do I need to have an SSL certificate (HTTPS) on my website?

    No, you don’t need an SSL to since as we will provide the SSL under our LunaPay payment page.