• What are the types of payment channels available?

    There are 3 types of channels:

    Credit Card Channel

    • Visa
    • MasterCard

    Debit Channel

    • Financial Processing Exchange (FPX)


    • Boost
    • MCash
    • and more to come soon

  • How can I collect payment from my customer?

    You need to register as a Merchant in Lunapay. Once you have received access, you then need to integrate LunaPay within your website in order to collect payments. If you need technical support, please email to support@lunapay.com

  • Can you provide a list of local banks which supports FPX internet banking?

    Below are the list of banks in Malaysia which supports FPX internet banking.

    1.    Affin Bank

    2.    Affin Bank Islamic

    3.    Alliance Bank

    4.    Alliance Islamic Bank

    5.  Ambank

    6.    Ambank Islamic

    7.    Bank Islam

    8.    Bank Muamalat

    9.    Bank Rakyat

    10. Bank Simpanan Nasional

    11. CIMB Bank

    12. CIMB Islamic

    13. Deutsche Bank 

    14. Hong Leong Bank

    15. Hong Leong Islamic Bank

    16. HSBC

    17. HSBC Amanah

    18. Kuwait Finance House

    19. Maybank

    20. Maybank Islamic

    21. OCBC Bank

    22. OCBC Al-Amin

    23. Public Bank

    24. Public Islamic Bank

    25. RHB bank

    26. RHB Islamic Bank

    27. Standard Chartered

    28. Standard Chartered Saadiq

    29. UOB

  • Are there any restrictions imposed for online card payments?

    No, there are no restrictions imposed for online card payments. We support Visa and Mastercard networks as well as Debit cards that listed in FPX participating banks.

  • Which payment channels are allowed to get a refund (via the original channel)?

    Only payments done by credit card are able to get a refund through the original channel. For the rest of the payment channels, refunds  need to be done through the respective merchant’s base (with regards to their refund policy).

  • How many countries does LunaPay operates?

    Currently, LunaPay able to support only in Malaysia.

  • How fast can I receive my payment/settlement?

    If you choose LunaPay Gateway Solution (GS) method, the settlement is done in real-time.

  • How does LunaPay charge for the payment service?

    We charge on a per transaction basis for the Gateway Solution (GS) method.

  • What currencies are supported by LunaPay?

    The currency currently supported by LunaPay is in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), however, other currencies will soon be added to the list of currencies supported.

  • What if I want to send out a payment link or invoice the buyer?

    You may use the payment link or invoice under the LunaPay merchants admin page to generate any payment based on billing information.